TIME: An Inkjet Made My Bladder!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nqw1yjyKEs]

Synopsis. Watch and see how tissues and organs, such as muscle and bladders, are custom-made to replace diseased or injured parts. Video first published to YouTube on 16 May 2008. (source)

Further Reading: From the 1 November 2007 article on the TIME website, “Things in Dr. Anthony Atala’s lab at Wake Forest University are not always what they seem. On one lab bench, surrounded by gutted printer cartridges, lie the inner workings of an inkjet printer. But this isn’t the scene of some document-printing job gone awry. Instead, the printer has been jury-rigged to handle something much more extraordinary than ink — it now sprays tiny living cells into the three-dimensional forms of human organs.” [More…]



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